Quick Actions


Quick actions are used in each task and 'Bulk Actions'. While adding a new task, you can use Quick Actions too to easily adjust your task.

On iOS, you can setup to go into Quick Actions when tapping a task or swipe in 'Settings > Preferences > Initial Task Page'. Also 'Initial Task Page (Add)' option manages your initial view while adding a new task.

On macOS, you can use Quick Actions panel or bottom side of right pane (with Integrate Panels option on). You can also use it with right click on a task.

There are various types of Quick Actions you can use. Below are the ones explained one by one.

- Clear Date : Clear due date of a task.
- Priority : Change priorities from None -> ! -> !! -> !!! -> None
- Tag : Add or remove certain tag
- Today : Change date to today
- Now : Change date and time to now
- Alarm : Turn on/off alarm (Toggle/On/Off option)
- List : Change between lists
- Relative Date : Add or subtract Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks or Months
: If due date has passed, this action will start from today
: Minutes, Hours - Date changes to today. Now + Relative time
: Days, Weeks, Months - Date changes to today + relative date. Time remains same
: If later than today, relative date/time is added

- Duplicate : Duplicate a task
- Switch : Switch between tags
: Empty text at last order can be used to remove previous tag

- Time : Set due date to certain time
- Day & Time : Set due date to 'Today or Tomorrow' on certain time
: Sunday ~ Saturday, Next Month, Next Month(Weekday) can be selected as 'Day'
: Next available weekday will be selected for Sunday ~ Saturday
: Next Month can be selected for 1st day of next month. Also Next Month (weekday) is available to select first weekday of next month

- Preset : Setup Title/List/Start Date/Due Date/Alert
- Repeat : Recurrence rule of any kind can be made instantly
- Contextual Date : Selected date can be added easily (for the ones that have 'Settings > New Task > Contextual Date' option turned off)

Settings : Quick Actions


Inside 'Settings > Quick Actions', you can add/delete/edit and change orders of Quick Actions. Tap an action to edit or tap 'Add' button at the bottom to add a new one.