GoodTask uses and shares default Apple's Reminders app's data. If you use iCloud Reminders lists or other services such as Outlook, your data will be synced automatically with the devices that use same account. Check below to adjust your accounts.

On macOS,
- ' > System Preferences > iCloud'
- ' > Menu bar > Reminders > Accounts...'

On iOS,
- ' > Account (that show your name on top) > iCloud'
- ' > Accounts & Passwords'

Automatic Preferences Sync

Your preferences can be automatically synced including Smart Lists and Quick Actions. It uses iCloud Drive to save and sync. Check below to sync your preferences including Smart Lists and Quick Actions.

On macOS,
- Turn on 'GoodTask > Preferences > General > Automatic Preferences Sync'

On iOS,
- Turn on 'GoodTask > Settings > Preferences > Automatic Preferences Sync'

When you turn it on, it'll ask you to choose between download or use current. If you want to keep the settings on current device, choose 'Use Current'. Then settings on this device will be uploaded. If you choose 'Download', it'll download the settings that's uploaded in the cloud.



This is how Auto Pref Sync works.

- When you turn it on, you can choose to download the one uploaded or upload current one.
- If you change any preferences, it uploads automatically to replace current uploaded version.
- If anything uploaded changes on other device, it downloads automatically.

So once you have preferences perfectly set on one device, you may turn the option on and upload that one. (You can turn off and then turn back on to see the option too)

After that, all will follow that preferences.