About Recurring Tasks


Since GoodTask uses and shares data from default Reminders app, recurring tasks are managed by iOS and macOS. GoodTask sets up recurring rules just like Reminders and connects it on the task.

How Recurring Tasks work on default Reminders App

You basically set up a task with due date and select recurrence rule for the task. (i.e Every day, Every month, Every last day of the month, etc)

When you complete that task, next task will be made based on that rule. So even if you missed the task for some days, next one will be made on the future according to that rule.

Potential bugs and advance feature in GoodTask

Since default Reminders only take care of alert time (reminder), it doesn't care about start date and due date that you can use separately on GoodTask. This makes the recurring task behave not as expected. Next task made by recurrence rule could not have correct expecting start date and due date if it's different from alert time. This has been informed to Apple to be fixed/improved on the future.

You can have check 'Repeat on Completion' option which is only available on GoodTask. If you set 'Repeat every 2 weeks' for example and you complete that task, normal behavior is next task will be made based on due date that was set. This means if you made a task due tuesday and get it done on thursday, next one will be made on tuesday 2 weeks later.

If you have 'Repeat on Completion' option turned on, next one will be made on thursday 2 weeks later. This will only work when you complete the task on GoodTask.