Basic Interface


GoodTask has 2 main areas. One is 'Lists' which shows Smart Lists and Reminders Lists. Other is 'Tasks' which shows tasks in one certain list.

Swiping on 'Tasks'

On 'Tasks' area, you can switch between 4 types of views. List, Day, Week and Month views. When you swipe on 'Tasks', you'll move to previous/next dates on Day/Week/Month views. On List view, you'll be switching between lists in order of 'Lists'.

Long tap to move data

On both 'Lists' and 'Tasks', you can long tap an item to move it up and down. On 'Lists', if you want a separator, you need to add a new list. Newly added list will be made with a separator so you can use it to manage your lists. On 'Tasks', when you move your tasks, it'll dynamically change according to your 'Sort Options'.

Additional actions

If you tap '...' button on top right, you'll get additional options. You can choose 'Bulk Actions' to edit/complete/delete multiple tasks at once. Also you can change 'Sort Options' and share or edit the list.


You can tap search button to search all tasks. Results will come up as you type. If you choose a task, list will change accordingly to show the task.