About Due Date and Alert on New Task

When you make a new task on GoodTask, it follows settings inside 'Settings - New Task'.

You can set list and 'Start Date', 'Due Date' and 'Alert'. By default, start date and due date is turned off and alert is set to 0:00.


In this case, basic behavior is like below.

- When you add a new task, due date and alert is turned off.
- When you set a due date, alert follows your due date.
- Setting due date with quick actions will set alert same with due date too.

You can change 'Alert' to same day with different time such as 9:00 AM. In this case, all will work same as above but when you set due date as today with no time, alert will be set to 9:00 AM.

If you set 'Start Date' or 'Due Date' on settings, it'll be automatically set when you add a new task.

Quick Actions

When you use 'Relative Time' Quick Actions, due date and alert will be added same amount to previous value (or current date if passed according to the settings). If there is no due date, it'll be added from current date and time. Alert will follow according to the settings in 'Settings - New Task - Alert'.

Other Due Date and Alert related Quick Actions such as 'Time' and 'Day Time' will set due date and then add alert according to the settings in 'Settings - New Task - Alert'.

Preset Quick Action will work independently of other settings and work as it is set.

Contextual Date and Time

If you set 'Contextual Date' option, new task will have due date of current date on 'Day/Week/Month' views even if you don't have 'Due Date' option set.

This option is off by default and you may also long tap on date of calendar view to add a task with date selected automatically.

If you set 'Contextual Time' option, new task will have time as next hour if pre-selected settings time has passed.