Lists are combined with Smart Lists and Single Reminders Lists. You can swipe left to edit or delete each list. You can add new lists by tapping the button on bottom left.

Long tap to move lists around

You can move lists up and down by long tapping a list. If you want a separator, you need to add a new list. Newly added list will be made with a separator so you can use it to manage your lists.

Single List

Reminders lists that are selected on 'Settings : Lists & Calendars' are shown as 'Single List'. It has icon of completed task on the left. Editing/deleting this list will change Reminders List. You can move around single list just like other lists.

Smart List


Smart List is very powerful feature that lets you manage complex projects. You have below options.

Type : Default, All, Overdue, Recurring, Undated, Scheduled, Location, Recent, Alert

After choosing type, icon and color, you can filter it with Lists and Calendars. Selected Lists and Calendars will be shown. Also you can filter tasks that include/exclude certain texts. Using this will let you use tags to manage tasks effectively. Also you can filter priorities and set up to see tasks without due date to be shown on List view or other views.