Boost your productivity
with GoodTask

GoodTask is a task manager based on iOS Reminders and Calendars. With rich functions added top on iOS Reminders and Calendars, you'll reach a whole new level of productivity with GoodTask. Try it now for free and achieve great things!

From simple checklist to complex project management

Useful on various situations

Whether you're going to the grocery store or working on heavily complicated project, GoodTask is just right for you. You can check your checklist on Today Widget and Apple Watch on-the-go and also manage calendar events with detail subtasks for each task.

Product Image
Product Image

Syncs with iOS Reminders & Calendars

Clean, Simple & Impactful

GoodTask shows your iOS Reminders and Calendars data on a clean simple interface. Check what's on your schedule today and the day after. Also you can see everything on week or month basis. See what you've done last week and check what you're going to do next month!

Get Productive with Smart Lists

Focus and Manage

With powerful Smart Lists, you can filter your tasks as you want. See your tasks including #tags or even excluding #tags. See with certain lists and calendars combined. See the ones that's overdue only or recently added ones. Check them on day, week and month basis and get things done.

Product Image
Product Image

Add Quickly & Smartly

with Quick Actions and Text Snippets

On GoodTask, you can setup Quick Actions that will let you add tasks the way you want in a blink. You can also setup text snippets to easily setup your task as you type in. You can keep on adding with settings preserved until you get everything settled.

GoodTask has been selected as 'MacStories Selects App of the Year 2018' and has been selected as 'Apps We Love Right Now', 'Be More Productive' and 'Get Stuff Done' on Apple App Store multiple times. Check why so many people that get things done love GoodTask. :)

  • GoodTask is great for clearly knowing what needs to be done next and reminds you at the correct moment. If you’re someone who has a lot going in life at any given time, then it will definitely help you keep everything straight, and is highly recommended.

    Jessica Carrell,
  • YES!!! Look no further. Finally found an app that simply combines the native iOS reminders app with the native iOS calendar app. So simple to use. Easy to navigate. Excellent customization ability in settings. I've used a bunch of apps and nothing comes close to the simplicity or convenience of this app.

  • Been using this app for well over a year...Possibly over 2 years...Can't really remember and too lazy to look it up BUT... I can't live without it!

  • The best option for me by far because it integrates with my well established reminders and calendars on iOS so that I can continue using iCloud web interface, Siri and my existing shared lists and calendars with my family without having to migrate all my data into another app or platform.

  • I've used them all. Most have a high learning curve. GoodTask is not only straight forward but beautiful in design.

  • Simple, has support for syncing with Mac, and has option to have notification badge to number of all tasks. Everything I wanted.

    J Suh