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Release Notes after v4.3
v4.3 - All New Theme Options and more
v4.2 iOS - Interactive Notifications, Better Siri Shortcuts
v4.1.2 - Paste multiple Subtasks at once
v4.1 - Siri Shortcuts and iOS 12, watchOS 5, macOS Mojave support
v4.0 - List Memo and Sort Options Improvements
v3.9.1 - Various improvements
v3.9 - Location-based Reminders with Favorites
v3.8 - Better Quick Actions
v3.7 - Better Smart Lists
v3.6.x - Minor updates on both platforms
v3.6 iOS - Smart Button, Drag and drop & more
v3.6.1 macOS - Better drag and drop
v3.6 - Things about GoodTask and macOS version 3.6 (Subtasks and Quick Actions panel)

What is GoodTask?

GoodTask is a to-do app. You can use it as a simple checklist to a complicated project manager.

What is GoodTask showing?

GoodTask shows your built-in Apple's Reminders and Calendars data. If you link your iCloud account or Google, Exchange, etc. to your Reminders/Calendars, all the data on that account will also show on GoodTask. Adding, checking, editing will all sync under the hood automatically.

Why GoodTask?

1. Showing tasks with calendar events are the way to go. To achieve things, you need to manage your time. To manage projects effectively, events and tasks should be managed together.

2. Smart Lists let you focus the way you need to. Complicated projects can easily be filtered and let you see the things you need to see the right things at the right time.

3. Big things can't be done in a single step. Quick Actions let you manage your tasks quickly. Start with a single step and achieve big things.

With the base of Apple's stock Reminders/Calendars, GoodTask lets you manage any type of projects and achieve things better.

Is GoodTask Free?

GoodTask for iOS is limited to 14 days of usage. You need to unlock to use it without any limits. You can either get one-time purchase or be a supporter to support continuous development of GoodTask.

macOS version is available on Mac App Store at a price of $19.99. You can try out free trial version for 14 days.


Maintaining an app is extremely hard on current environment. GoodTask has been updated more than 20 times and continuously maintained since 2013. If you respect the work GoodTask has done for you, you can support GoodTask by being a supporter. You can choose to give one-time payment or yearly auto-renewable subscription which will help tremendously. This is available on iOS version only.