Introduction to GoodTask

Apple’s Reminders app is great in many ways but it has it’s own limits. GoodTask has expanded the ability of Reminders in many ways to make it more powerful and useful. Lots of users loved the concept and used it well ever since it debuted. Since 2013, the app has been updated regularly to get into current status.

Basics of the usage will be described in other help documents and this will focus on key differences of GoodTask. These are only the big ones.

- List, Day, Week, Month view on each lists
- More flexible and powerful Smart Lists
- Long tap to move lists and tasks
- Unlimited Quick Actions & Bulk actions
- Supporting landscape mode on all devices & Multi-tasking on iPads including iPad Pro Support
- Apple Watch with complications support
- Subtasks, Repeat after Completion & Manual sort (GoodTask only)

List, Day, Week, Month view on each lists

You start with a list and in that list, you have list, day, week and month views. Swiping left/right on list view will let you navigate through lists. Swiping on day, week, and month views will let you navigate between dates.

More flexible and powerful Smart Lists

Each Reminders list is shown as single list but you can also add custom lists. You can choose the type for each list and filter out certain terms. You can only show tasks that include or exclude particular texts (tags) and can also choose what Reminders List or Event Calendars should be shown. With Smart Lists, you’ll be able to boost your productivity and with multiple/customized lists, you’ll be able to manage your project as you want to get it done successfully.

Smart Lists are main feature on GoodTask. You can get more info below.

Lists & Smart Lists

Drag and Drop to move lists and tasks

On GoodTask, you can move things up and down on most of the places. Long tap an item and it’ll be moved. For tasks, properties such as due dates, priorities and lists will dynamically change according to the place you drop the task. If it has same properties, it’ll save some text snippets on notes field to save the status (check GoodTask only things below).

More info about Drag and Drop

Sort & Drag and Drop

Unlimited Quick Actions & Bulk actions

Quick Actions page is inside detail page of a task. Swipe and on left side, Quick Actions are shown. You can add unlimited Quick Actions.

Bulk actions are added to let you manage multiple tasks at once. Quick Actions can also be used with bulk actions to let you easily get manage your tasks. Check below link for more details of Quick Actions.

Quick Actions

Supporting landscape mode on all devices & Multi-tasking on iPads including iPad Pro Support

GoodTask supports all directions on all devices. You can use landscape mode on all the iPhones including the big ones which will show you an iPad-like view. For all the iPads, multi-tasking with split screen view is also supported so now you can use other apps with GoodTask at once. iPad Pro is supported too with it’s full resolution. Bluetooth keyboard shortcuts are also added so try it out.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Apple Watch with complications support

Upcoming tasks or calendar events will be shown right on your wrist. You can dynamically select certain Smart List (Favorites) or any list/view directly on Apple Watch. All the tasks/events on that list will be shown. Number is counted as things left for that day including overdue tasks and upcoming calendar events. (This can be different with App Icon Badge count number) You can set up settings as you like.

More info about Apple Watch app

Apple Watch

Subtasks, Repeat after Completion & Manual sort (GoodTask only)

Subtasks are simple checklist for things you want to manage more deeply. It can be added easily and you can also paste them from other apps with a single tap. Multi-line text will be added as multiple subtasks automatically. These subtasks will be shown on notes field on Reminders app and other platforms with below format.

[ ] Task 1 : Active Subtask
[x] Task 2 : Completed Subtask

Adding text with [ ] and [x] on notes field will work as subtasks in GoodTask.

Other features such as 'Repeat after completion', 'Manual sort' and 'Auto-snooze per task' will be saved locally and will be synced for iCloud lists. Tasks in Exchange server lists need to be set per device.

‘Repeat after completion’ can be selected in repeat property for each task. If you choose this, next task that’s made after it’s completed will be based on completion date (default behavior makes next task based on due date).

Moving around tasks dynamically changes properties (as described above) but if it has same properties, it’ll save it’s order.

Also features like 'Auto-Snooze' will only work for GoodTask Notifications.

These features will not show and work with Reminders app and to use them, you’ll need to use GoodTask.

The Future

There are lots of plans to make GoodTask better. Updates will come one by one regularly to make the app great and let users get into it as they use the app.

While working on updates, our focus is mainly on this. 'Will this update make it better for the users to get things done?'. There is a long list of things to consider and we'll constantly try to keep on improving the app with more and more updates. Hope you enjoy and get things done!