Quick Actions


Quick actions are used in each task and 'Bulk Actions'. While adding a new task, you can use Quick Actions too to easily adjust your task.

On iOS, you can setup to go into Quick Actions when tapping a task or swipe in 'Settings > Preferences > Initial Task Page'. Also 'Initial Task Page (Add)' option manages your initial view while adding a new task.

On macOS, you can use Quick Actions panel or bottom side of right pane (with Integrate Panels option on). You can also use it with right click on a task.

There are various types of Quick Actions you can use. Below are the ones explained one by one.

- Clear Date : Clear due date of a task.
- Priority : Change priorities from None -> ! -> !! -> !!! -> None
- Tag : Add or remove certain tag
- Today : Change date to today
- Now : Change date and time to now
- Alarm : Turn on/off alarm (Toggle/On/Off option)
- List : Change between lists
- Relative Date : Add or subtract Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks or Months
: If due date has passed, this action will start from today.
(This is when 'Calculate from Today when Overdue' option is checked. If not, it'll be calculated from existing due date. Default is checked)
: Minutes, Hours - Date changes to today. Now + Relative time
: Days, Weeks, Months - Date changes to today + relative date. Time remains same
: If later than today, relative date/time is added

- Duplicate : Duplicate a task
- Switch : Switch between tags
: Empty text at last order can be used to remove previous tag

- Time : Set due date to certain time
- Day & Time : Set due date to 'Today or Tomorrow' on certain time
: Sunday ~ Saturday, Next Month, Next Month(Weekday) can be selected as 'Day'
: Next available weekday will be selected for Sunday ~ Saturday
: Next Month can be selected for 1st day of next month. Also Next Month (weekday) is available to select first weekday of next month
: 'No Time' option is available to adjust date only. Existing time will remain.

- Preset : Setup Title/List/Start Date/Due Date/Alert
- Repeat : Recurrence rule of any kind can be made instantly
- Contextual Date : Selected date can be added easily (for the ones that have 'Settings > New Task > Contextual Date' option turned off)
- Open URL : GoodTask will open URL on URL field if available (If URL is empty, it'll look for it on notes/title field)

Settings : Quick Actions


Inside 'Settings > Quick Actions', you can add/delete/edit and change orders of Quick Actions. Tap an action to edit or tap 'Add' button at the bottom to add a new one.