About GoodTask related text on Notes field

This GoodTask related text on Notes field has been removed from version 4.8. Now it offers more clear view for subtasks and other features are managed by GoodTask itself. You can check release notes for v4.8 for more details

GoodTask shares data from default Reminders app. To extend the features throughout the app, GoodTask uses Notes field of Reminders to save and sync data used for the features between devices.

It could look like below on Reminders app. It's hidden inside GoodTask.


Currently if you use below features, it'll be made automatically.

- Subtasks
- Repeat after completion
- Manual Sort
- Auto-Snooze set on separate task

If you don't like it, you can always remove all of them at once inside 'Settings - Advanced - Delete GoodTask Related Fields'. If you select it, you can also choose to just remove 'Sorts' field used on Manual sort.

Deleting it will remove the related functions in GoodTask so you should be cautious about it. (i.e, Removing it will delete all the subtasks, etc)