GoodTask provides various themes that can be matched with user's taste. This page will describe mostly about themes on iOS version. (macOS version supports basic default and dark themes)

There are system supported themes and user generated themes. You can make your own theme or import themes that other users made.

You can also check this YouTube video for details.

Auto-Switch Themes

Themes can be automatically switched by time or screen brightness.

With time option selected, you can set up to 5 time ranges that will automatically switch to selected theme. For example, you can set 9pm to 7am for Dark theme. As you open the app, if the time is in that range, GoodTask will run with Dark theme. If not, default theme will be selected.

With screen brightness selected, theme will change according to current screen brightness. You set up a range between 0~100 and when it goes to that range, theme that you selected will be shown.

Theme Maker


You can adjust each properties to make your own theme. You can 'Copy from existing themes' and start from there. First, adjust 'Default Color' and you'll be prompt to run automatic procedure which adjusts colors according to your selected default color.

If you choose default option, you'll be asked to choose background color (white/black) and where to put your default color on top bar and bottom bar. You can either use default color on background of top/bottom bars or title/icons.

If you choose 'Color Focused' option, your theme will be adjusted with your selected default color all around the app. You can adjust each properties after automatic process has been done.

Check 'Preview' anytime you want to see how editing goes. It'll run through List/Day/Week/Month views.

Manage Themes


You can edit, delete or share the themes you've added in this view. If 'Delete' option is not shown, it's been selected on your theme or any 'Auto-Switch' options.

Sharing themes are done by base64-encoded text. You can copy the text after choosing 'Share' and post it on GoodTask Reddit or any other place you'd like to share the theme with.

Shared theme can be imported easily. Choose 'Import Theme' on Theme page and pop-up will be shown. If the text(code) is in pasteboard, it'll be automatically imported. If not, you can paste it in the input field.

Properties on Theme Maker

Below description shows where all the properties are used.

* Default Color
Automatic adjustments option after set
Background of Cell Swiping
Used as list color when 'Same Colored Lists' is on

* Background Color
Background of most views

* Group Background Color
Table's background

* Sub Background Lite Color
Picker (Date/Time/etc.) : Save/clear button background
Section header background
Day view calendar background 1
Item view status background (bar under title)
Location view Favorites selection background

* Sub Background Dark Color
Day view calendar background 2
Picker (Date/Time/etc.) : Cancel/ No Time/ Start End Time background
Month view compact calendar background (Landscape mode)

* Sub Background Border Color
Day/Week/Month view calendar background border line
Table view line separators
Split view lines
Picker lines

* Refresh Control Color
Rotating view while pulling down on table view

* Text Color
Main text on most views

* Sub Text Color
Sub text on most views

* Cell Sub Text Color
Notes/Subtasks text color on tasks list

* Dark Background Text Color
Buttons on top of date picker

* Navigation Background Color
Top bar background

* Navigation Tint Color
Top bar buttons

* Navigation Title Color
Top bar title

* Toolbar Background Color
Bottom bar background

* Toolbar Tint Color
Bottom bar icons (Tasks, Bulk Action)

* Toolbar On Tint Color
Item view bottom bar icons

* Button Tint Color
Buttons and controls

* Today Circle Color
Today circle on Week/Month view

* Today Number Color
Today number on Week/Month view

* Not Today Circle Color
Circle on Week/Month view when other day is selected

* Page Indicator Color
Item/Add view's dots

* Page Indicator Sub Color
Item/Add view's dots

* Destructive Color
Edited text on pickers, Cancel buttons

* High Priority Color

* Mid Priority Color

* Low Priority Color

* Keyboard
Default keyboard or dark keyboard

* Border Adjustments
When separating line color from top bar and bottom bar needs to change

* Same Colored Lists
Follows default color for below items
- List color
- Table Header/Footer text
- Empty check image

* White Status Bar
White/Black status bar on top