Today page

: Start your day and finish it on Today page.
: Set up dedicated list regardless of due date for today.

: 5 Processes available when starting the day.

  • Move overdue tasks to today.
  • Pick today’s tasks to be added to the list.
  • Pick suggested tasks to be added to the list.
  • Add new tasks from templates.
  • Add a note about the day.

: You can add new tasks directly on Today page. Re-order (drag and drop) and complete directly on the list.
: When today page is active, you can tap notes on top to edit notes.
: New tasks due today made outside this page will be added automatically. (Can be turned off inside settings)
: Calendar events are shown under notes. (Can be turned off inside settings)
: Tasks made on this page will be added on the list directly.
: Tapping more button on a task will let you edit the task or remove the task on the list (task itself is not deleted)

: After you’re done, finish the day and write a short note.
: Past Daily Notes can be read on Reports page (Day view).
: Detail data on this page is saved as JSON file in ‘iCloud Drive/GoodTask/Today’
: Your name, notification time, list filters and more can be set inside Today page’s settings (Button at the bottom)
: You can restart after finishing the day if you need to inside settings at the very bottom.

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