You can add multiple preset tasks with templates.
: Tap add button to show options, and select ‘Templates’ (Long tap inside a list by default. Normal tap on lists page by default. Can be changed inside Settings – New Task)

  • List can be set to ‘Current List’, ‘Default List’ or ‘New List’. (Tap the button on top)
    : If you’re inside a list, current list can be selected. If current list and default list is same, it’ll rotate between current list and new list.
    : New list option will prompt you for list name and make a new Reminders list for newly made tasks
    : Last used settings will be kept.
  • Tasks are made one by one per second to keep the order
  • Make your templates inside ‘Settings – New Task – Templates’.
    : Template title and number of tasks will be shown on add page
    : Title, notes, subtasks, start date, due date, alert, priority can be set per task
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