Subtasks can be added for each tasks. It’s just simple text with check/uncheck which can be done by tapping circle for each subtask. Subtasks status are shown on tasks list by numbers with format of (completed subtasks/total subtasks).

Subtasks are shown at the bottom of task detail page. Subtasks in GoodTask is different from Reminders app’s subtasks.

How it’s stored

Subtasks are saved in notes field of Reminders data. It’s shown as below format. 

[ ] Task 1 : Active Subtask
[x] Task 2 : Completed Subtask

Adding text with [ ] and [x] on notes field will work as subtasks in GoodTask.

Moving Tasks and Subtasks

You can drag and drop tasks and subtasks. Drag multiple tasks into a task and subtasks will be made into that task. You can also drag subtasks between tasks to make new tasks with subtasks’ title. 

Dragging subtasks into a task will move subtasks from one task to another. You can choose to move or copy.

Show/Hide Completed and Paste directly from clipboard buttons

Two buttons are added on v4.1.2 at the bottom of subtasks. One is a circle which shows/hides completed subtasks like the one on tasks list view. Another one is ‘Paste’ button which will only show if you have text on your clipboard. 

Tap it to make subtasks directly from text on your clipboard. If it’s multi-lined text, multiple subtasks will be made directly. This is both available on iOS and macOS versions.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can CMD-/ to add a new subtask. You can CMD-OPTION-/ to complete first subtask for selected task.

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