About Tags

On GoodTask, you can use tags with any symbol and any text. The key is on Smart Lists and Quick Actions.

Tags on Smart Lists

While adding a new Smart List, add a ‘Filter’ with type ‘Text’. Select ‘Include’ and type in whatever tag you’d like below (i.e #tag, @home).

You can use multiple filters to include or exclude multiple tags on Smart List for powerful use. For example, you can make a list that shows tasks with #later tag and hide tasks with #hide tag. Or you can show tasks that include both #work and #today. It’s flexible and powerful

Tags on Quick Actions

To add/remove tags easily on tasks, you can use Quick Actions. First set your preferred option on ‘Settings > General > Tag on’ to choose where your tags should be at. Normally it’s on notes field.

Inside ‘Settings > Quick Actions’, you can use ‘Tag’ type and ‘Switch’ type to manage tags. Additionally you can use ‘Prompt: Tags’ to select from preset tags.

‘Tag’ type lets you add/remove tag at one touch. ‘Switch’ type lets you switch between multiple tags including an empty tag.

You can type in ‘#tag1 #tag2’ in ‘Tag’ type to put in multiple tags at once if needed.

‘Prompt: Tags’ have 2 types which are Switch and Add. Switch will remove previous tag if it exists. Add will simply add the tag you selected.

Tags on Settings

Tags that show on ‘Prompt: Tags’ and sort options can be set inside settings. Go into ‘Settings – Sort, Tags’. You can choose which type of tags you’ll use by changing option ‘Tag: Type’. You can select between ‘All/ #/ @/ #,@’. When the tags are fetched automatically, it’ll fetch them according to this settings.

Inside ‘Edit: Tags’ page, you can select ‘Automatic’ or manually add tags you want to use. Automatic option will fetch tags from ‘Smart List Filters’ and ‘Quick Actions’.

You can also set tags per list inside ‘Edit List – Tags’ page.


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