URL Scheme

GoodTask supports ‘URL Scheme’ and x-callback-url protocol. 

GoodTask’s URL scheme is goodtask3:// 
You can use this scheme to simply open the app.

Values need to be URL encoded to work properly.

URL Format

goodtask3://[action]?[action parameters] 
goodtask3://x-callback-url/[action]?[action parameters]

Open Add


Open Specific View




title: Full title of list (case insensitive) 
view (optional): 1 (List), 2 (Day), 3 (Week), 4 (Month), 11(Board-Date), 12(Board-Priority), 13(Board-List), 14(Board-Tag) 

section (optional): Number of stack on list view. Separated by Group and Spaces – 1 ~ 
row: Number of row on selected section – 1 ~ 
view (optional): 1 (List), 2 (Day), 3 (Week), 4 (Month), 11(Board-Date), 12(Board-Priority), 13(Board-List), 14(Board-Tag)

Use ‘goodtask3://view?section=0’ to go to Lists page on iPhone

Open Task


title: Title of the task you want to open (case-insensitive) 


identifier: Identifier of item. This link can be made on ‘Copy Link’ action inside Context Menu and More button inside task detail page.

Smart Add


text: Text input. It’ll automatically be parsed with Smart Add Rules (Text Snippets) you’ve made 


goodtask3://add?title=[prompt:Title]&multiple=[prompt-num:Multiple]&list=[prompt:List Name]&due=[prompt:Due Date]&start=[prompt:Start Date]&dueAfter=[prompt-num:Due after]&alarm=[prompt-num:Alarm]&location=[prompt:Location]&priority=[prompt-num:Priority]&url=[prompt:URL]&notes=[prompt:Notes]&subtasks=[prompt:Subtasks] 

title: Title of the task 
multiple (optional): 0(off), 1(on). If turned on, line break on title will make multiple tasks
list (optional): List name. Automatically matches shortened name. (ex. h for habits, t for this week). Default list is selected if not used. 

due (optional): Due date. Supports below format.
start (optional): Start date. Supports below format.
HH:mm – Sets on time today. If it has been passed, sets on tomorrow. 
MM-dd – Sets on the date on default time. 
yyyy-MM-dd – Sets on the date on default time. 
MM-dd HH:mm 
yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm 

dueAfter (optional): Minutes after current time. If ‘due’ is set, dueAfter is ignored. 

alarm (optional): 0(off), 1(on). Turns on alarm or not. Only works when ‘due’ or ‘dueAfter’ is set. It follows default if not set.

location (optional): Location Favorites name priority (optional) : 0, 1(!), 2(!!), 3(!!!)
URL (optional): URL of the task
Notes (optional): Notes of the task
Subtasks (optional): Subtasks separated with line breaks


Add task ‘Title’ on list ‘To-do’ 

Add task ‘Title’ due 10 minutes after 

Add task ‘Title’ due 6 pm 

Add task ‘Title’ due Feb 20th with alarm

Add task ‘Title’ with priority !! 

Add task ‘ABCD’ with Start date on 5/1 and due date on 5/10 

Add task ‘ABCD’ with location based alert favorite ‘home’ 

Add task ‘ABCD’ with subtasks one, two, three 

Add 3 tasks with title one, two and three

Adding task and come back to Launch Pro
goodtask3://x-callback-url/add?title=[prompt:Title]&list=[prompt:List Name]&due=[prompt:Due Date]&dueAfter=[prompt-num:Due after]&alarm=[prompt-num:Alarm]&priority=[prompt-num:Priority]&url=[prompt:URL]&notes=[prompt:Notes]&x-success={{launchpro:}} 

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