New Widget for iOS 14

  • List Widget
    • Show one of your list on your home screen
    • Choose between Default/Compact/Compact 2/Full view
    • Optionally show calendar. When hidden, choose between 1 or 2 Column (medium/ large size)
    • Calendar Background Types: None, #1 (On Weekdays or a line if weekdays are hidden), #2 (On Month Calendar)
    • Holiday : Choose a calendar or a list to show the date number in selected color
    • Special : Choose a calendar or a list to fill the date in selected color (When heatmap is turned on or is today, border will be made)
    • Heatmap : Date Number will be filled with selected color (1~5 range)
  • Favorites Widget
    • Add your Favorites on your home screen
    • New Favorites type : New Task
      • Preset title, list, notes, dates, priority and subtasks
      • Open camera, audio or paste clipboard to notes directly
      • Choose custom icon and color
    • New Favorites type : (Link to Goals/Reports/Today/Next page/New Calendar Event)
  •  Next Widget
    • This widget shows one next task from ‘Next page’. You can select the list set on Next page. If there is a URL link on a task, button will appear at bottom right. Tapping task area will open task itself. Tapping other area will open ‘Next page’.
    • If you’re on focus mode, it’ll show you elapsed time and started time. Also currently focusing list will show regardless of which list you’ve selected on the widget.
  • Icon type (List Widget) : Line/Dot
  • URL Link : Arrow is shown next to item title if it has URL link. Tapping it will open URL

Widget Themes

  • You can customize your widget
  • Set custom colors on various fields as you want
  • Language and fonts can be set separately for widget
  • Share them easily with a link
  • Settings – Appearance – Widget Themes
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