Quick Actions

• Each Quick Action can have it’s own title
: You can easily run it with keyboard on Mac
• Each Quick Action can have multiple actions
: Combining multiple actions can make various outputs
: Multiple Due date actions can be added to make more detail and powerful actions

• Item can be deselected after Quick Action (Automatically going out on iPhone)

• Prompt action
: Shows pop-up to input or select from options
: Add Title, Notes, Subtask, Due date (Minute/Hour/Day), Snooze (Minute/Alert)
: Select from multiple actions
: (Mac) Selection can be done with keyboard shortcuts (1~0)

• Follow up action
: Complete and duplicate task

• Proceed action
: Complete and move incomplete subtask to duplicated task

• Timestamp action
: Add selected format of timestamp on Notes field

• Use Presets to get started
: Follow up+, Proceed+, Log, Prompt:Time, Prompt:Tags presets

• And a lot more
: Due date action improved with Next weekday option
: Start date, Alert date (Snooze) action
: List action with exclude option
: Clear Tags to remove specific tags only

• Settings – General – Context Menu (iOS)
: Set Quick Actions for context menu

& more.. Check YouTube video for more detail explanation. Thanks!

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