Sort, Drag & Drop

Inside ‘Settings – Sort’, you can adjust sort options, ‘Separate Calendar Events’, ‘Separate Completed on List View’, ‘Drag and Drop options’ and more. 

Separate Calendar Events : Calendar Events can be shown at the bottom of the tasks list or merged with tasks on its date. You can choose which to be on top inside ‘Sort Options’ page.

Separate Completed on List View : Completed tasks are shown with incomplete tasks at its completed time. Turning this option on will show completed tasks at the bottom on the list view.

No Time – Last : This option will put tasks and events with no time to the last rather than on top.

Tag Type : This option will fetch tags while running automatic fetch with selected type only.

Sort Options

4 types of sort options are available. Main option will categorize your tasks and others will sort the ones inside accordingly. Inside ‘Settings – Lists & Calendars – List Order’, you can change the order of lists to sort from. 

You may select ‘Custom’ to fit your own sort option. 

Sort options not only sort your tasks but when you drag and drop your tasks, target place you’re dropping will change those tasks to match the sort option. 

Each smart lists can have it’s own Sort Options. Edit ‘Sort options’ by editing the list (or choose Sort option on ‘More …’ button). Check off ‘Default’ and you can set up it’s own.

Tag Sort Option

When you select ‘Tag’ as one of Sort Options, tasks will be sorted by specified tags.

– You need to specify exact tags on ‘Sort Options’ page to sort with tags. Select ‘Edit: Tags’ to manage them.
– With those selected tags, sort options will look for them and sort them.
– These tags run separately for ‘Default’ sort options and sort options for each lists. Which means that you can have #a, #b tags sort options by default and have #c, #d tags sort options for ‘Inbox’ list for example.

While editing tags, you can remove all at once or bring all tags from Quick Actions or Smart Lists you’re using.

Sort Order

You may choose sort order between ‘Due date’, ‘Undated’ and ‘Calendar Events’ (If ‘Separate Calendar Events’ option is On) when you selected ‘Due Date’ as your first sort option. If you select ‘Priorities’, ‘List Order’ and ‘Tag’ as first sort option, you can choose between them and ‘Calendar Events’ too to select which one will show first.

Drag and Drop

– Tasks : Dragging tasks on tasks list will run as normal movement as before.

– Tasks into a task : Dragging tasks into a task will make subtasks with same title.
– Subtasks into a task : Subtasks will be moved to newly selected task
– Subtasks at tasks list : New tasks will be made with same title.

– Subtasks : Dragging subtask inside a task will make it move

– Tasks and Subtasks into Notes app : Task titles will be exported with circle at the front
– Tasks into a list : List of the tasks will be changed (Reminders lists only)

Drag and Drop options

You can select to be asked to copy or move for below 3 actions. Or you can select how it should behave automatically.

– Tasks into a task
– Subtasks into a task
– Subtasks at tasks list

You can also check “Don’t change list except when ‘List Order’ is initial sort option”. Checking this will not change lists even if it’s inside Sort Options. Better way would be removing ‘List Order’ inside Sort Options but if you want to sort by ‘List Order’ but don’t want to accidently change lists, you may check this option. 

Note that Drag and Drop options work on current device only and will not sync through ‘Auto Preferences Sync’.

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